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Spring in your Step, or not? (Walking for your Mental Health)

Walking in Springtime can help improve your mental health with Walk Hay

Its spring at last and the countryside is full of reminders of new life and hope etc. But not all of us are feeling it at the moment are we.

The news headlines are always doom & gloom, the cost of living is high and that's not taking into account any personal crisis we may be going through.

So many of my friends at the moment are struggling with family dynamics.

From coping with elderly parents to finding childcare that is non-existent, life can be tough & it can seem almost impossible to share in the delight that spring can offer when we are caught in an exhausting cycle of coping.

Guided walking at Walk Hay can help boost mental health
Low mental health walking can help

If we are going to be of any use to anyone however, we must carve out a little time for ourselves. It might feel like being selfish to go off walking enjoying the beauty at this time of year when things in life are hectic and difficult, but those who walk regularly know it's what keeps them sane & brings such perspective to to their problems. Walking for your mental health in the countryside gives us the head space we need to reflect and make good decisions. The science has now proven that the health benefits both physically and mentally are profound and can not be ignored.

If you are a social person like me and find you have to talk things over with others to sometimes see things clearly, then signing up to a group walk is a great way to go. You may know people in the group already, but I have never met a 'bad egg' yet on my walks, and I'm pretty confident that you will soon make friends with other walkers, even if you don't know anyone to start with. There is nothing like 'chewing the cud' as we walk along together!

Walk Hay Group walking Autumn 2022 for better mental health
Walk Hay Group walk 2022

If you are more of an introvert, as many of my close friends are, then walking alone, or walking with a another close friend, might be the way to go.

Although a group walk in my experience, suits most people too. As we walk people walk alongside others or not, depending on what they prefer.

The other advantage of booking a walk with a group is that it's in the diary and you have committed! When times are frantic and life is exhausting, if something is just an idea, then it can easily get shelved!

If you can't give yourself permission to spend some time walking, let me give you that permission!

I really hope to see those of you for whom spring is just not reaching you yet, out there very soon!

Let me facilitate that precious time you need this springtime out in the natural world.

Come walk with us soon.


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