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Walk Hay Walks:  Access Statement


At Walk Hay we will endeavour to ensure that our walks and activities are inclusive where possible.  We welcome people irrespective of age, physical, intellectual or sensory ability and want to ensure that you enjoy a quality and safe walk experience in the British countryside.

However, the activities we offer can be physically demanding and there are a number of countryside access constraints which are beyond our control (such as terrain, gradient, stiles, etc).  Whilst we may seek to make reasonable adjustments to routes when appropriate and possible, using sensitivity and creativity, this is not always possible. We, therefore, reserve the right to decline a booking or refuse participation should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for whatever reason.  We hope that you understand and accept any decisions made in the interest of your safety and the safety of the group. 

Descriptions of our programmed activities are provided on our website. For private guiding, we may be able to plan a walk to suit specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Walking Routes

  • We offer guided walks all year round starting at varying times during the day.  Activities may vary in location and duration, from one hour to a full day.  We do not attach a ‘grade’ to our walks and activities. 

  • The land where we walk is, in the main, classified as 'low level' terrain. However, it is not without its ‘ups and downs’.  When exploring the hills, our total ascent during a day walk can often be well over 300m / 985ft, and some climbs or descents may be steep (but not too long!). Other walks will have little significant ascent. 

  • We mostly follow good well defined tracks and paths, although these can be rough, stony and sometimes muddy.

  • Many of the routes also involve climbing over stiles, although many stiles are now being replaced with kissing gates.

  • There are not usually public toilets along the route of our walks, although toilets may available at the start/finish point of some walks.

  • Participants need to carry essential items in a rucksack, such as food, drinks, spare clothing, waterproofs etc.


  • Please carefully read each walk description.  It will include details of the walk duration, distance, terrain and likely ground conditions.  It will also indicate whether the activity is specifically intended for experienced walkers, beginners or families, for example.

  • You should be satisfied that you, and your group, have a reasonable and suitable level of ability and fitness for your chosen activity.  If you have any concerns about a walk and its suitability for you (or your group), or should you require further information about an activity before booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • We may be able to modify a programmed activity to enable you to safely take part. However, given the physical constraints of the countryside (such as terrain, gradient, stiles, etc), this may not be possible.

  • We may provide walks which are planned to meet individual requirements for people with physical and sensory access needs.  We can, for example, offer guided walks which avoid stiles or which follow well made paths and tracks with limited gradient.  Regrettably, local routes suitable for mobility scooters or wheelchair users are limited.  We are happy to discuss individual requirements and suggest suitable guided walks.


  • We will liaise with you to understand the needs of you and your group and carry out any necessary risk assessments to ensure a safe and enjoyable activity day.

  • Our walks start from varying locations.  Information about the meeting point for each walk is provided on our website and in an email post booking.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • Facilities vary depending upon the starting point of the walk. We will be happy to help with detailed information for your selected walk or discuss with you any special requirements.

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